A female doctor in a ward analyses a computer database.

Pathfinder Projects

We have four exciting pathfinder projects testing various elements and tackling key health issues.

  1. Creating a common data model for cancer where clinicians can access tests and updates for patients seen in other ICS’s, primary or secondary care providers (private or public) to reduce delays for those with limited life expectancies and optimise clinical trial recruitment.
  2. Using data and insights, coupled with a clinical effectiveness approach, to create a single source of truth so primary care teams can find people with high blood pressure, better treat them and reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure and severe Covid.
  3. Using data to create a dashboard to identify high risk asthma patients so clinicians can deliver better medicine optimisation, decrease variation of care and use for research in key areas such as the link between pollution and asthma.
  4. Improving pre-school immunisation rates by empowering primary care teams with near-real time data, including a digital in-practice tool that identifies which children are due or overdue their immunisations and provides information to support conversations with parents.

The findings from these projects were published in our annual report for Citizens which you can find here