Unknown red-bearded doctor and patient woman discussing current health examination while sitting and using tablet computer in clinic, close-up. Medicine concept.

LHDS monthly update

National funding has been confirmed to build the technical structure needed for a secure data environment (SDE) in London.

The LHDS Programme Delivery Board in June heard how the SDE will use NHS data from London for London with the fundamental goal of driving improvement (beyond research) by supporting a single data view across the capital’s organisational and geographic boundaries.

Money will also be set aside for further public and patient involvement, with additional focus on ensuring GPs and their colleagues understand how the SDE can deliver for them and their patients.

A workshop will also take place later in the year to agree the success criteria for patient level benefits which will have input across all five of the London health systems.

For more information on the update please contact James Friend, Programme Director at james.friend@nhs.net